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Bixol is a design studio founded in London and expanded our services, and become a multinational firm, offering solutions Worldwide.

Access to technology

Rova is dedicated to maintaining high standards of technology to enable us to continue the excellence in our operations, and to advance confidence in our systems. We also believe that the high standards technology should not only be maintained at Rova but also around the world, the communities around us also should be well-equipped in this fast changing technology

With this put into consideration, Rova shall constantly seek various opportunities to advocate for access to technology in schools, colleges, communities and any other environment
as deemed worthy of the efforts by the Rova foundation committee.


The use of ICT in sports has immensely improved sports together with facilities and equipment design in a wide range of sports. Sporting is a social activity that brings together millions of
sports enthusiasts. Hence, the need to leverage on this and aid the togetherness with
appropriate technologies. We shall endeavour to identify strategic technological gaps in the
sporting industry in liaison with sports stakeholders and address them accordingly with our
digital solutions. "Smart" technologies help sports people advance and assess their
performances by incorporating sensors and computers in training equipment. We seek to
cultivate and embrace this trend by tailoring our solutions to add value in sports activities.

Arts and culture

Arts and Culture is a field ROVA holds high interest in. Arts and culture not only inspires
creativity in our lives but also has a wider, more measurable impact on our economy, health and
wellbeing, society and education. The arts and culture are a vital resource for every society as a
way of life and as the world changes, so should we work not to change our cultures but
preserve and better them in terms of the changes in technology we experience everyday. The
foundation shall work to initiate constantly and seek various programs that advocate for
combining technology with arts and culture in education centres, communities and any other
organisations as deemed worthy of the efforts by the Rova Board of Trustees

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