About Us

Who we are

We are a start-up community focused organization driven by passion to make a difference in the children’s lives by equipping them with the resources to bring out their full potential. We believe that when teaching happens in a good environment with an eager and ready student, learning takes place.

We intend to work within the community – hiring and empowering the local community (especially those who dropped out of school at early ages) to deliver on our mission. In this regard providing a credible environment to deliver local development services more effectively with minimal overheads. This subsequently means that we can maximize direct use of funds in schools and for the children.

What Drives Us


To make a difference by transforming public primary and secondary schools learning environment.


Provide children with opportunities to achieve their full potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Our Core Values


Strong adherences to the best practices of Corporate Governance with clearly defined policies and procedures that are well communicated and applied to all


We believe mutual recognition and gratitude towards our stakeholders and the environment


We believe in telling the truth at all times even if it doesn’t benefit us


Our team members are given opportunities to learn, experiment, test, fail and take responsibility for their action


We believe that in giving we receive and encourage all to be charitable within their capacity


Rova Group

We are affiliated by a common founder – Rose Maghas, to the Rova Group of companies www.rova.co.ke that include:  

  • Rova Academy Ltd – the first and only high-performance sports academy in Kenya offering both academics and five sports ; Athletics, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis and Rugby. co.ke
  • Rova Digital Ltd – A digital communications company founded in 2006 with core competencies in information integration using web-based and mobile applications. co.ke
  • Rova Farm – Small-scale farm (7 acres) based in Kajiado county and equipped with modern irrigation producing vegetables for the local market consumption.