Making a difference in public schools through sports, agriculture and ICT

Rova Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in Ngong, Kajiado county, Kenya. Our main objective is supplementing the role of Government in enhancing the welfare and opportunities for children attending public primary and secondary schools in Kenya.
We aim to transform public schools into well-resourced model school through;
• Sports – Every child has a right to play • Agriculture – Self-reliant and sustainable green school • ICT – Access to information and technology

Get To Know Us


We are a start-up organisation seeking donor support to help ensure that as many Kenyan children and young people as possible have access to, and take advantage of, a quality education which enriches their lives now, and opens opportunities for their future irrespective of their background


The Right Education

With Approximately 30,314 public schools in Kenya and approximately twelve million students, every single child has the right to:


a safe, secure education that “develops their personality, talents and abilities to the fullest” (UN Rights of the Child), enriching their lives now and laying the foundation for a brighter future.

With Free Primary and Secondary Education

90% of primary school-aged children now attend school. This represents a huge improvement in attendance over the last decade – but still points to the need for us to do more


We invite you to visit us and the beneficiaries – to see how your donation is being used and how it changes lives.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to donors is that we will use your donation wisely and in accordance with your instructions (for example, if you ask us to use your money to cover costs in a particular school, this is exactly what we will do)

You Choose How Your Donation is Used

You can specify a particular school and/or a particular cost centre; alternatively, if you would like us to use your donation flexibly in order to meet the most pressing budget requirements at any particular time


We will provide you with annual financial reports detailing how your money has been spent. We will also provide you with regular ‘narrative’ reports, which give you more information relevant to your donation and the impact that it is having on what is actually happening for children and schools.